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Spoon River College
208 S. Johnson St.
Macomb, IL 61455
Phone: 309-837-5727, 800-DEGREES
Web Site:
Eligibility:Eligibility differs for the services provided. Look in the Comments section for requirements.
Area Served:Areas served is different for the services provided. Look in the Comments section.
Services Provided:Spoon River provides these services listed; however, you can find a more detailed description of each service under the Comments section. Services provided: Adult Education, Business and Community Services, Literacy, Careers, Short-Term Vocational Training, and Disability Support Services.
Comments:Adult Education:

Provide instruction (GED, reading, writing, math, English as a Second Language, and basic computer skills) and assistance in funding vocational training and textbooks. Assistance may also be available with childcare and transportation. Accommodations enable Special Learning Needs students. Job Search, job preparation, and other Adult Education classes may be available. Classes are offered at no charge.

Anyone meeting eligibility criteria may enroll in Adult Education classes. Vocational funding is limited to students residing in the Spoon River College District.

Must be 17 years or older and not enrolled in secondary or college level classes.

Contact: Janet Young, Adult Education & Training Advisor at 833-6017.

Business and Community Services:

Will develop training seminars to meet workforce training and re-training needs. Also works with area agencies to assure the economic development of our communities. Training seminars can be taught at the organization's place of business or at SRC.

Area served is the Spoon River College District 534

Contact: Chad Murphy, Director of Business and Industry Development at (309)833-6031.


One-on-one tutoring for reading, writing, math, and English as a Second Language, in classroom or off campus.

Area served is the Spoon River College District 534

Must be 16 years or older, not enrolled in secondary or college level classes, and have a reading level below ninth grade.

Contact: Cyndi Johnston, Literacy Assistant at (309)833-6038.


Career counseling on an individualized basis either with an advisor or through SRC's Career Services website. All aspects of career planning, such as interest evaluations, career research, choosing a college, and job search information, are provided. Students are able to search for jobs on-line through SRC's Career Services website and to attend various career exploration and job search work-shops.

Area Served is any student or alumni of Spoon River College.

Must be a current or fomer Spoon River College student.

Contact: Tamara Wilson, Student Development Specialist at (309)833-6022.

Short-Term Vocational Training (one year or less):

Commercial Driver Training - certificate program focusing on all facets of trucking industry, including telecommunications regulations, logging, maintenance, and hands-on operations.

Computer networking - certificate program focusing on complete range of basic through advanced networking concepts, from pulling cable through concepts as subnet masking rules and strategies.

CNA - certificate to perform basic nursing skills under the direction of the RN or LPN in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and in home health.

Microcomputer Applications - certificate designed for employment in information and computer centers. Software options prepares students to install software packages, select and install hardware, and help users who have hardware/software concerns.

Welding - two options: Welding Operator (6 semester hours) and Advanced Welding Certificate (17 semester hours). Offered in conjunction with South-Eastern Community College.

Clerical, Desktop Publishing, Information Processing, Office or Administrative Assistant - certificates focusing on word processing and a variety of business skills to prepare for office employment.

Contact: Adivising center at (309)833-6069 for any Short-Term Vocational Training questions or comments.

Disability Support Services:

Provide visual enhancing devices, note takers and/or tutors, audio textbooks and books, adaptive equipment and computers, voice programs for computers, test taking facilities, tape recorders, audio enhancers, text enlargement, interpreters or readers, TDD phone services, & guidance counseling to SRC students.

Area served is Spoon River College District 534

Must have documented learning, orthopedic, hearing, visual, or documented disability.

Contact: Janet Munson, Disability Support Services Coordinator at (309)649-6273.

It is the student's responsibility to provide documentation of the disability and necessary accommodations necessary to the Disability Support Services Coordinator, in order to receive services.
Last updated: 2015-02-10

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