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Acknowledgements and Contact Information


The McDonough County Social Service Directory has evolved to its present form on the Internet through the help of many people and organizations.

Western Illinois Regional Council - Community action Agency, Suzan Nash, Executive Director, prepared the “Social Service Directory for Hancock, Henderson, McDonough and Warren Counties” in 1993.

WIRC-CAA provided the file to Project Success of Colchester through Joanne Hairston-Jones of the McDonough County Health Department. Joanne updated and revised it for McDonough County in 1996.

Donnice Hamilton, Coordinator of New Parent Program and Diane Tichenor, then Administrator of McDonough County Department of Human Services along with staff Sue Bricker and volunteer Danielle Woodside made the 1997 revisions. A DCFS LAN grant enabled the distribution of the Directory to all of the schools in McDonough County. Donnice and Diane continued to make regular updates to the paper Directory through September, 2003. The IL Dept. of Human Services office made and mailed the paper copies.

In 2003 Brian Davenport, DHS Office of Rehabilitation Service, spearheaded the process of getting this Directory onto the Internet. As an outgrowth of this process the McDonough County Social Services web site was developed to include the Directory, the Interagency Council, and the Social Service Calendar of Events. With funding from Workforce Investment, Blanche Shoup, Director, the expert help of Melissa Calhoun of Infobahn Outfitters, and a committee of the McDonough County Interagency Council consisting of Brian Davenport, Donnice Hamilton, Diane Tichenor, Ellie Zoerink, JoAnn Hairston-Jones, Kathy Oelson-Tracy, and Kate McGruder, the web site was put on line in October, 2003. Special thanks to ORS student workers Elizabeth Krause and Sarah Squires for the time consuming data entry, editing and testing of the Directory.

Contact Information

For information about which social services may be able to help you and how to apply for and receive these services:

Refer to the Social Service Directory subject index to determine which agencies may be appropriate for your needs, and then contact those agencies directly.

For information about the Interagency Council, to request additions or changes to the Social Service Directory or this website or to learn how to join the Interagency Council, schedule an agency presentation, or to address other questions about the Interagency Council, contact:

Kate McGruder
Early Beginnings/ROE #26
339 South Johnson Street
Macomb, IL 61455